The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable?

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable?

Open the run command and type chkdsk (drive letter of the external hard drive) /r (NOT your main C drive (windows drive)
so if your portable drive is DRIVE G: in “my computer” you would type in the run command:
CHKDSK G: /R – make sure there is a gap between K and G and a gap between the colon: and the forward slash /
It should now start scanning the drive and repair errors. (this will take quite a long while so leave going overnight) If the data is not there after then it is unrecoverable and you will need another trip to the library.
I would also re-format the drive FAT32 for future use once you have got whatever data off first to make sure the drive is good.

Now due to chkdsk command it removes permission so,

Right-click the folder on the drive which you wish to permit access to from other systems, select ‘Security’ and select ‘Advanced’.
Create a new user ‘Everyone’ and give ‘Full Control’ to this new user.
The drive will then be available on other systems.

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