Ferrari lacks Modern-Day ethics!

In the German GP, Ferrari asked Felipe Massa to give way for Fernando Alonso. This was intended to help Alonso to secure the crucial 25 points.

Valuable points gained at the cost of Felipe Massa

During the press conference, Sebastian Vettel was thoroughly enjoying the tension that prevailed where Alonso and Massa are also present.

The team orders they issued during the German GP 2010 was not the first. Way back in Michael Schumacher days, Rubens was asked to give away his lead before seconds to the race end. In that season Michael Schumacher was comfortably leading the championship and there was no reason to ask Rubens to give away the points and the win.

Contrast to this is McLaren’s ethics which allows the team drivers compete with each other. Despite Fernando Alonso’s insistence to be declared as No 1, the team patronized both till the end of the championship at the cost of losing the championships.

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh says he would rather see his outfit lose a championship than impose team orders to favour one of his drivers.

“If you win against the odds it is slightly more enjoyable,” said Whitmarsh, who has vowed to save his views on what Ferrari did at Hockenheim for a private meeting with Maranello chiefs.

“If you win when you have swayed it to your advantage by cheating or doing something unsporting you wouldn’t feel so good. When Mika [Hakkinen] was beating Michael [Schumacher], that was a pretty good feeling.”

Felipe Massa leads Fernando Alonso

Cheap points for Fernando Alonso

Whitmarsh is well aware that McLaren effectively lost the 2007 world championship because it allowed Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso to take points off each other over the course of the season, rather than install one of them as number one.

However, he says there are no regrets about the policy McLaren adopts, and thinks that sportsmanlike behaviour is the primary concern.

“We did that [treated drivers equally] in 2007 and we had every reason to be different then,” he said. “There were quite a lot of provocations to do something different.

“There is always a bit of you who says we shouldn’t have done that, but overall I am proud and I wouldn’t be talking about it unless I had some sort of perverse pride in it. It niggles away at you, as it is one that got away, but I know the lengths we went to to be fair.”

He added: “During that phase I remember talking to the drivers and their management and saying, ‘what a great driver would want to do is look himself in the mirror and say, I have won this world championship on merit and not by the team leaning one way and giving me an advantage.’

“We do desperately want to win but it is about how you win. If you win and you know you have cheated then I don’t see how at any stage in your career or post career when you reflect upon it how you can have a feeling of ecstasy.”

Hope McLaren teaches Ferrari element of ethics which it lacks thoroughly.

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