Mumbai terror attack

Mumbai attack on 26/11 is compared with 9/11 of US.

As date and month are reversed, India acted in reverse of how a country will act when its territory is attacked. India talked more. And acted less. Netas are busy responding to Pakistan’s absurd replies. The Indian public were very happy to see their leaders show courage through rabble rousing statements. They were proud and satisfied that their leaders are roaring in the international arena. [They will surely vote for them in the next election.]

But is it the way they should react? Look at the WEST. The way Israel went about taking care of its country when Hamas attacked. They did not care about the fact that they are surrounded by hostile Islamic countries. They are not ducking under table. They are not running to the international forums for help. They are not bothered about the future attacks on them. They planned their attack on Gaza during the departure time of Bush so that their wont be any voice from US.

Several prominent countries watched how India handled the situation. They should be laughing at the countries Netas. India acted cowardly. In the eyes of the International community, India is a joke.

India seeking help from countries like US and UK itself will stand testimony to their stupidity. USA itself is having its hand full. Its fight against terrorism requires Pakistan help. And US has to necessarily go slow on the Pakistan’s activities in the eastern border. US which encouraged armed insurgency in Afghanistan against Russians intervention slowly let slip the control it had on Pakistan and the militants operated from Afghanistan. US funded the military of Pakistan which in turn funded the evil design of ISI, the Pakistan intelligence agency. Taliban is a product of Pakistan’s Military and Intelligence.

US is well aware of Pakistan pilfering the financial aid to espionage and abetting terrorism in India. During the cold war it was convenient for US to encourage such activities against India. And that is the reason they are not able to oppose Pakistan’s designs in the sub-continent even today. And USA’s mouth is permanently shut. Any new President takes over will come to know the reality of life in Washington. He will fall in line. So Obama cannot make any difference in the future.

Coming to Britain. Britain lost its sovereignty to US long time back. All the trouble brewing in the world today are the after effects of the left overs of the British rule in these lands. Britain’s interest is intertwined with the interest of US. Britain, like US, wants Pakistan as an ally to wage the war against Osama Bin Laden. India is just a bite.

Under such circumstances, India should have stood for itself. Decided what it wanted. India lost an golden opportunity to attack Pakistan and recapture the territories occupied by Pakistan. For this, the leadership requires courage and wisdom. A country also requires able leadership of a person who is iron hearted, devoted to the job, uncorrupted and fearless. Such qualities are dearth in India. In India, people with such qualities never make it to the top. In fact such traits are a drawback for once quest for top posts.

India will never change. And Pakistan never has to worry and change itself. All the heated exchanges will die soon and you will see India back to its original self. Of a perfect host to terrorist and always at the receiving end.

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