Caylee Anthony case : Lot of Questions but No Answers!


It is all over.

Search for Caylee has reached its tragic end. Body found in the forest area is confirmed as that of caylee’s. As per Medical Examiner, Caylee’s death was due to undetermined Homicide.

Sad to see a young child lose her life this way. From July 15,2008, the seach for Caylee has taken several twists and turns.

Many questions still remains unanswered. Many of them not only related to Casey handling the child but also related to several others including Police, FBI, Media, Public and Caylee’s Grand parents.

First the Police force. Through their lethargic approach have ensured that not many clues are available to book the culprit under capital punishment.

3 times the meter reader called the police and explained in length the location and gave his observation. Twice he was not given due consideration and the third time a police official met and later cleared the area. Later Caylee’s body was found in the same location.

Several questions are yet to be answered by the Police department and also by FBI regarding this careless approach. It is a comedy that Police department considers this search as a model operation and coperation between various departments.

Coming back to Casey Anthony, the defence judge has to get the explanations and answers for several questions. So too the Police and FBI regarding the meter reader and other related issues.


  1. Why Casey needed a nanny when she herself is without a job?
  2. How Casey referred an apartment which was not in use for several weeks as the one where she left her child?
  3. How other family members and friends never knew a nanny of that kind?
  4. Why Casey misguided the police related to her work place?
  5. Why Casey changed the date she last saw her child?
  6. How Casey was able to party when she had a missing child?
  7. Why Casey did not report to any one about Caylee?
  8. How the car Casey was using went missing?
  9. Why Casey did not inform about the missing car?
  10. Is there really a foul smell in the car?
  11. How Casey is able to remain cool during intial investigation?
  12. How the relatives are not bothered about Jobless Casey’s whereabout knowing fully well that she has a child to feed?
  13. Why Casey searched for Chloroform in the internet?
  14. Any neighbors found Casey searching for Caylee during the 30 days prior to informing the police?
  15. Why the police could not locate the body despite Meter reader giving enough tips?
  16. Why there was a huge gap between his early calls and his next attempt in Dec2008?
  17. While charging Casey with murder, did Police look out for motives?
  18. Are they actively probing for others involvement in the murder?
  19. What about the Gonsalves, the Nanny, Casey is talking about?
  20. Is it appropriate for Police department to comment on Casey’s behavior during interrogation?
  21. Why Cindy went back in her statement regarding dead body smell in the car?
  22. Did she fought with Casey on Father’s day regarding adoption of Caylee Anthony?
  23. Are the grandprents deliberately misleading the media even though fully aware of the tragedy?

Whether we get answers to the above questions or not, one thing is for sure – Whoever done this crime will get away from Capital punishment due to lack of concrete evidence.

Thanks to the Police department.

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