Wordpress LogoVersion 2.5.1 initially gave me some major problems. Due to carelessness I lost the the entire wp tables in the update. I was made to rebuild the site from scratch. Another uphill task was to find a theme equivalent to that of the earlier Corporate theme. Some how I stumbled on the Justin Tadlock’s website where I was able to get hold of the Option theme.

Option theme as the name goes has lot of options to built the web page and required some reading of support websites. It has 3 themes built-in which makes us to just change the header and the rest are all taken care of.

As usual the 2.5.1 version did not bring in any major changes but obviously had lot of security fixes. One notable change is the dashboard. Eventhough the developers unable to shed their love for the information they provided in the previous version, they have changed the lay out and made it clean.

Coming to StarF1 the lose of data has come up at a very nascent stage. So we are bit lucky. It will be huge set back if this happenned after many topics and posts. And the administration error had given us experience that will ensure non-repitition in the future.

The added features of the blog is the activation of the Gravatars. If you have an image saved in the www.gravatar.com against the email-id used here then you will get the avatar loaded automatically against every comment you make.

Then the picture upload feature. Ensure the picture is only maximum 100×100. After uploading you can refer it in the custom settings (in the Thumbnail keyfield) with the link name starting with /blogpics/filename (value field) The picture will get reflected in the left corner of the post.

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